October 2023 Vendor/ Product Listing

   Below is the list of confirmed crafters, food vendors or entertainment for this scheduled event. Any vendor or entertainer that had provided a website or social media with their application, will have a clickable listing below. If you're interested in being a crafting, artist or food vendor (including entertainers) at MakerTree Park, please fill out the MakerTree Park Vendor Application at the bottom of this page.


MakerTree Park is located at:
108 Houseman St.
Mayfield, NY 12117
(1 mile north from the Northampton state campground and beach)




 Michelle King (Vocals and lead guitar for the band Flame)



- Cozy Corn - Thermal Therapy Bags

- MakerTree 3D

- Peaceful Hands/Pendants and Such

- Tesori Naturali

- Quilty Treasures

- Ship of Spools Tie Dye